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Since our inception, Mortgagepedia has been totally focused on
helping clients get the home of their dreams.

Your dreams of homeownership is our passion.  We not only believe that homeownership is one of the valuable financial decisions you’ll make in a lifetime, but we are also as passionate about making it happen for you. We're a brokerage dedicated to helping people make sense out of mortgages. The mortgage industry is not only complicated but constantly changing which leaves Canadians confused and unsure about their Mortgage.


We take the time to educate our clients so that they are empowered to make the right decision for themselves and feel confident in their decision afterward. It’s a complete learning experience and we don’t hesitate to share that knowledge with our clients.  The knowledge of the Canadian mortgage market you gain from your experience with us is something you will carry forward in life and be able to make bigger decisions in your future such as buying a second property and amazing home renovations. It can all happen for you if you have the right resources and guidance. We're focused on building long term relationships and making sure our clients get the best possible service in the industry.  When you trust your journey to homeownership, it goes a long way and we will value it every step of the way.

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Annie Mirza

CEO & Principal Broker

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